I’ve arrived…barely!

19 06 2008

I’m here, I made it here yesterday around 10:30am.  I’m jetlagged like crazy, sore from carrying the dog around in the pet bag, and craving a fried bologna sandwich that I know I now can not get.  Oh Oscar Meyer… how I miss you. 

The flight was long, especially since I had a jerk behind me that wouldn’t sit still long enough to breathe.  His kid decided to sing “Down By the Bay” as loudly as she could for about 30 minutes and oh the parents thought that it was just so adorable!! They took the glares and eye rolling of the other passengers as praise and not *if your kid doesn’t shut up soon we are going to stuff you in the over head compartment* stares.  At one point the guy hit the back of my chair so hard that I nearly spilled my drink,  finally I turned around and said “Hey.. lets try that again…you get up and hit my chair really hard and THIS time I might actually spill my drink on me”  His reply… “uh….”  Even when they finally turned the lights off so people could sleep, he was still getting up and down, as was the guy next to me who would graciously shove his butt near my face.  I finally said something to him too, but he got it and stopped.

Stoney survived the trip, granted I think the puppy is jetlagged since I’m downstairs typing this and he’s upstairs still sleeping.  His poor little eyes were so tired yesterday they were puffy.  Traveling with him wasn’t as big of a pain in the butt as I thought, and I didn’t get any hassles bringing him into Germany (which by the way have crotchy customs guys)  or into the Netherlands.  So all that panic of shots, microchips, and paperwork was a waste of heartburn medication.  The only pain was going through security when I had to take him out of the bag and then try to put him bag in as gently as possible, where at that point he was saying F-U with his eyes.  I did drug him for the flight and it was the best thing to do for my dog.  He’s way to twitchy not to be drugged. 

After getting to Frankfurt (and FYI that airport is HORRIBLE)  I took a little puddle jumper to the Netherlands.  In record time I got my bags and managed to get out of the airport with out having to go through the Dutch customs since I went through the German ones.  At least I hope so.

Well currently my bags are already unpacked, just junk scattered everywhere.  As for right now it’s 6:17am and I have been up for an hour already.  But I think I just might head back to bed… very shortly…. for a nap.





2 responses

19 06 2008

Melissa says, “But I think I just might head back to bed… very shortly…. for a nap.”
But she meant to say, “But I will go back up and wake up Frank since he only has a few more hours till he has to get up so why not it will give him have a head start.”
See I told yo sleeping yesterday would keep you up.

19 06 2008

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I took a nap!! Sort of.

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