Ok… So I’m a little slow.

30 05 2008

Well I finally figured out how to get my pictures on to my brother’s computer since I left the usb cord in the Netherlands… let’s just say that it required very little reading and yes I’m a dork.  Needless to say the pictures have now been downloaded and I can update this blog finally.

It has been busy here in Windsor, for some reason even though I don’t seem to be accomplishing a whole lot I’m still getting enough done to keep me going.  Besides the expensive  shopping trip to the States with Jen, (my Mastercard is still crying), I’ve made some small purchases here in Windsor.  Just because I have 12 tubes of toothpaste to bring back with me, one shouldn’t judge!  I’ve been stocking up on things I know I can’t get over there or that I can get but cost a small fortune… HENCE the toothpaste!  But besides the shopping, we also went to Pointe Pelee on the Sunday for a nice day out.  But that will be on another blog since right now I’m going to show you some flowers from mom’s backyard.  Ya Martha Stewart ain’t got nuttin’ on my mamma’s garden!

Mom’s been working on her garden for a few years and since she’s retiring it will probably be her hobby.  I wonder if she wants a garden gnome for her retirement gift?  But the flowers bloomed late this year, thanks to a cool May.  I did get some pictures of what has decided to show it’s face around here.  And you can see what type of weather we’ve been having here on this side of the Prime Meridian!  I can’t complain about the weather in the least, since sunshine and blue skies is what I left in Holland with and arrived in Canada just the same.  I must bring the sunshine where ever I go!! *sigh*  Oh ya ya.. you can stop the gagging noises now.







My garden in Holland is naked compared to this garden.  The only flowers I have planted in mine are lavender and that was to hopefully keep the stray cats out, but since that’s not working I need to get moth balls now.  This neighbourhood has a ton of cats that roam around, but my mother’s dog Kelsey won’t tolerate anything on his lawn and chases them away.  Including the birds that try to land.








Yes I know that flower there with the bee on it is a weed.  But I was taking a picture of the bee. 

I’m not a huge fan of the Iris, but mom also planted on that is a deep blood red, I just keep forgetting to take a picture of it.  At least being in the backyard here I can use that as the excuse why I bought another pair of Crocs.  I know I’m behind the times, but I never realized how comfortable those hideous things really are!  

Well if you haven’t noticed, taking flower pictures is one of my favourite things to do.  I love the colours that are show, the shapes and  they way the light sometimes filters through the petals.  While I’m here I know that I’ll be able to take more pictures and maybe use them later on for when we move and I get the chance to do a real flower garden. 

Ok..off to bed with me, I promise to do the Pointe Pelee post soon and get those pictures up.




4 responses

1 06 2008

Boy I have some beautiful flowers and no thanks to the garden gnome;

1 06 2008

But I can get you the ones that are doing action poses! Like pushing a wheel barrow or waving.

4 06 2008

Does anyone really NEED a gnome?

4 06 2008

EVERYONE needs a good gnome!!

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