24 05 2008

Well after a stressful morning on Thursday with the taxi being nearly 30 minutes late and then missing the 9:38 train out of Amersfoort Schothorst to Schiphol.  I arrive at the airport to see my Martianair flight cancelled or rather “delayed” until 8pm!  No biggie right?  Except that my original flight was for 1:55pm. That puts me in Canada late at night and with a train to catch at 7:39 in Oakville it just isn’t going to work now is it?  So after some whining to Martinair, they put me on a KLM flight that leaves at the same time as my Martinair flight. I think the only reason they put me on another airline was because I had the same problem on the way over.  I probably shouldn’t really complain since as mentioned before KLM is a better airline, the service is better, the food is better, the seats are bigger and I get my own TV screen (which btw wasn’t working).  So for 479.00 I was sitting in a 1200 seat.  Regardless I made it back to Canada, early at that.  Immigration was in a decent mood, and only quizzed me about how many times I’ve been to the Netherlands and whether or not I liked the country.  Actually no I hate the Netherlands which is why I go there so often so I can sit and pout and stomp around that I can’t stand it… *rolls eyes*.  I know customs agents are supposed to be stern looking and act like they are mini Generals, but if you smile and actually LOOK at the person you are talking too then maybe we as citizens won’t think you have a jar of pickles shoved up your butt.  The customs agents in Holland, smile, chat, look at you and still manage to get their work done.  That goes for those who do the security checks!  In fact they will actually assist you if your hands are full, unlike Pearson Airports bunch of overpaid monkeys!  They stare at you like you are wasting their time by having to go through security.  Ok.. that was a bit off topic and a slight rant, back to the story.

Now I arrived back in Canada and Carrie had perfect timing picking me up, I waited maybe 10 minutes before i saw her driving by.  After spending an hour with her and the kids at her house, mainly playing with Celina who CRIED and shed the biggest tears when I left; I hopped on the train to Windsor.  Lucky me, Mr Via man was just as cranky at 7:40pm as he was at 6:00am.  Finally arriving in Windsor at 11:20 (20 minutes late) my baby brudder Rob was waiting for me to go to my mom’s.

Now I’m here in Windsor and starting to get things planned out what needs to be done, what I have to buy to bring back that I can’t get there and you would be surprised!  Nonna lent me her car since Rob sold my Cavalier, so now I won’t be house bound or have to bug my mom for her car.  I can get things done and be able to go around on my own. 

I saw Stoney! He was so happy to see me he kept giving me kisses, and Stoney doesn’t just give out kisses!  I can’t wait to have him with me full time again.  I really missed him while I was in Holland for those 5 weeks.  He may try my patience some days but he’s worth every nerve I have.  He’s getting a haircut and vet appointment too before we leave in June.

But I’m here for 3 weeks, busy, tired, still kind of jetlagged, but happy to be on Canadian soil for a bit.  I have my camera and the weather has been great so I’m going to try and get some shots of the city and county for memory sake.




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27 05 2008

Hope you are back in Windsor now. What a pain. It will be good to see you!

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