Doei!! But I’ll be back!

21 05 2008

I’m heading to Windsor tomorrow for 3 weeks.  My flight (let’s pray) is at 1:55 so I’ll arrive at Pearson at 4:05ish.  Just in case you feel the need to greet me at arrivals with flowers… balloons.. maybe a clown or two.  Of course this is if my flight isn’t cancelled like last time, or delayed because of the workers at Schiphol may or may not be on strike.  Granted of course the bus service here Connexxion is on a shift strike where for the next 2 days they won’t drive their routes between 9 and 4.  Not sure what this is supposed to prove since it still means there’s really no major disruption on the route for rush hour.  Let’s just hope my flight is relatively on time since I have a train to catch at 7:30 out of Oakville.  It’s going to be a long ass day!

While in Windsor, I’ll be doing a lot of visiting, shopping and playing with my puppy!!  “oh yes my little puppy wuppy” “come here ohhhhhh” “Oh my little baby” “come give….” Sorry about that. I had a moment.  But really look at that face!!  How could you not just wanna kiss it?  Stoney has been at my grandmother’s for the last 2 months, so either he’s going to miss me so much he’s going to love me to bits, or he’ll ignore me and pretend I don’t exist.  Granted once it’s time to go back to Holland, he’s going to hate my guts!  Either way I don’t care, I miss my dog.    So I’m not sure how much writing I’m going to be able to do in Windsor.  I have a few things already planned.  I want to head over to the States too for some Bath and Body stuff and to DSW for shoes (Make room Frank I’m bringing back more), so I’ll head over with Jen on Monday.  Danielle is coming to Windsor for a convention type thing with the Nuns; so we will, and quite possibly my mom and brother will head to El Mayor for Arabic food.  Then in June Michelle is coming to Windsor from North Bay so her and I will have our last hurrah and probably end up driving aimlessly through Essex County like we used too.  Plus I want to see my parents and my grandmother and the rest of the family.  Three weeks will go by quickly to say the least. 

Well I’m off for now, I have to finish packing and get to bed at a decent hour since I have to get up early-ish.  I’ll try to post a couple times if not more during my three weeks!



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