Raindrops on roses

16 05 2008

*sigh* After nearly 2 weeks of sunshine and warm temperatures, the weather has turned Dutch on me.  Rain.  Grey. Cold.

At least the buses aren’t on strike anymore like they have been the last two days.  We are going into the city again today since Frank’s bike has decided to kick the bucket.  We were on our way home yesterday from the city when the chain popped off.  But his bike is old and the rear tire leaks like anything, so instead of fixing it’s time to get a new one.  Plus I can take a look today to see if there are anything that appeals to me. 

This is basically what the bike will look like,  remember the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz?  Well that’s it!  Many people have the side bags or a basket either in the front or back.  The best is when they have their dog sitting in the basket and they are riding along.  As for Stoney, unless I tie him down, but I don’t think he’ll sit there quietly.  The thing is these bikes aren’t cheap, even second hand.  So I’ll wait for mine and we’ll get Frank’s for now.   Oh Frank’s bike is a little more manly looking then this.



Eventually we want to get one of these.  Here in Holland if the scooter doesn’t go above 30km I believe then you can ride on the bike path.  If it goes faster then that, then you have to get a regular drivers license and ride on the road.  We will stick to the slower scooter and the bike paths thanks!  But it will make getting into the city a bit easier and if I need to carry heavier things a for a distance then this would work well.  Now I wonder if Stoney will sit on this … nope doubt it. 


 Well time to get going and get the day started.  I need to find my umbrella before I head anywhere it looks like it will be a constant drizzle day.  Good thing Stoney has that raincoat I bought him!




2 responses

16 05 2008

Oooh an Omafiets!! 🙂 They are just so Dutch, aren’t they? I must admit whenever I see someone biking swiftly by on one the little tune from the Wizard of Oz goes through my head too.

I am totally getting a scooter now that I am back to work. I hate the thought of going to work on the stuffy metro every morning. I looked into it a bit and a lot of the rules have changed in regards to the scooters. The slower ones have to stay on the bike path at all times. The faster ones can be on the bike path when indicated but otherwise have to be on the road. Also, it used to be that over a certain age you didn’t have to get a license for a scooter but now you need to do a written test for -all- types, no matter what your age. Even for the slower ones.

Also, for the faster ones you are required to wear a helmet, but not the slower ones.

I think I’m getting one of the slower ones because even at 30kms, in the city I’m moving faster than all the traffic. Plus, I like being able to stay on the bike path all the time!

16 05 2008

Well we bought Frank his bike, and tomorrow we are going to get one for me. Regardless I do need a bike.

But we are still probably going to aim to get a scooter, I just have to learn enough Dutch to pass the tests!

Hmmmmm from what I see, I think the roads might be safer then the bike paths!!! LOL!

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