On the rivers

13 05 2008

After Frank and I went to Naarden, we took the train to another city a little closer to Amsterdam called Weesp (W pronounced like a V).  Weesp is a city of about 17,500 and is located on  de Vecht and Smal Weesp and also next to the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.    Granted city rights in 1355 and recently celebrated it’s 650th birthday in 2005.

Quite the the cute little city, the rivers definitely make the picture.  I also noticed there were a lot of churches in this small place.  It seemed that every corner we turned there was a church some where.  Which was nice when the bells would ring on the hour.

We walked around the older section of the city, and we noticed down one canal they had art work in the canal.  Some of the art work was a little interesting, granted I had no idea what it was supposed to be.  But it is a nice way to decorate the canal instead of the algae that normally grows there. 







I think those are supposed to be tulips.



After walking around and enjoying the day, we stopped for dinner along the river.  The service was a little questionable, but the meal took the cake.  My pasta magically turned into a pizza when they brought it to me.  Frank’s calzone was good according to him, but I really would have rather of had pasta.  I didn’t send it back because I’d have to wait another 20 minutes before it arrived.  All in all the day was great, tiring, but we had a good time playing tourists.



It would be nice to go back and spend a little more time in Weesp, but there are other cities and towns I must see.  I’ll take advantage of playing tourist right now.




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