Man in the Moon

8 05 2008

The weather here for the last week has been amazing!  The days are warm with temperatures going up to 24C and the nights are cool but warmer then normal.  The skies have been clear, nary a cloud in them during the day or at night.  Well last night, the moon was pretty and I decided to try out the camera on the night setting.  After a few fuzzy attempts, Frank got his tripod out and we were able to get a couple of night pictures of the back yard and the moon.  The zoom on my $20.00 camera (ok… the Shoppers Points out the wahzoo helped) is pretty darn good compared to my old camera that I had. 

A couple other night time pictures were done just to test out the setting, but they turned out pretty well. 

This last one is Frank getting artsy fartsy with the shadows on the lamp and the leaves.  Actually he was trying to focus on the lamp but it would focus on the leaves instead, so we’ll call this pictures “Accidental Shadow”  (ooooooooooooh I know… fancy!)

Come to think of it, I think Frank took all three of these pictures.  I guess I have to be nice and let him play with the camera once in a while.



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