The green thumb comes from my mother…

26 04 2008


The backyard needed some love and attention after the winter.  So the other day I started clearing out one side of the yard and you gotta love the wet weather, it was all moss.  The good thing is that it took me hardly any time to dig it up, well actually rip it up since I was able to use my hands.  Brianna and Ashley both helped once they got home from school.  I cleared out a large patch, trimmed the raspberry bush, and once Frank got home we put in a border.  Today we went to Praxis, basically Holland’s version of Home Depot.  It has a large greenhouse and all the outdoor and indoor supplies needed.  We could only buy a few things since we walked there and were limited to what we could carry. 


But I did get my herbs for the large pot that Frank bought me a while ago.  So rosemary, oregano, thyme and lemon thyme are now in my backyard.  Plus we bought 8 seedlings of lavender; I put two in the pot with the herbs, and the rest in pots that I half buried in the dirt.  I’m hoping this will keep the cats out.

Yes we have a problem with cats, not Tabby though, just the other neighbourhood cats.  Particularly two black and white ones.  One of which decides to come into the house and fight with Tabby if we leave the window open!  I read somewhere that cats don’t like the smell of lavender so I’m putting it around the yard.  And if that doesn’t work then a slingshot might.

Frank also trimmed these huge evergreens that are growing over into our yard and then he dug out about a foot and a bit of grass and dirt so we can put the seedlings that Brianna planted in the house.  He also cut the grass with the new weed whacker, we don’t have enough grass to get a lawn mower.  In fact a hungry sheep could probably trim the lawn for us and at a faster rate. 

Tomorrow he and the kids are heading back there to get more lavender and some flowers, plus more rosemary and I think some sage.  I want parsley but I can’t find it and as for the chives are we are growing those from seed.  I’m going to plant the flowers in the pots the same as the lavender so that way when we move we can take it with us.  Also I think it looks different and if I don’t like where I put the pot I can dig it up and move it.

 Well time for beddie byes…….Frank’s making kwark pie?  cake? torte? ya… don’t ask.












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